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William W. Fischer, P.C.

Authors and Experienced Attorneys

Our firm receives countless referrals from attorneys around the country seeking a fresh perspective in difficult criminal defense litigation. In addition, attorney William W. Fischer is a contributor to the "Trial Tactics' chapter of the Michigan Drunk Driving Law and Practice , a comprehensive resource for attorneys published through the Institute for Continuing Legal Education in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Skilled Defense Practice

The defense of criminal law cases, both felonies and misdemeanors, requires dedication to detail. Every crime is made up of elements, and a competent defense attorney must know and understand these elements, including how each has been construed by the appellate courts. Knowledge of the statutes, caselaw, jury instructions, and trial tactics comprise the integral components of a successful criminal defense. The attorneys at William W. Fischer, P.C., have the knowledge and experience to develop and implement a case strategy geared to provide the best possible criminal defense, no matter what charge is made against the defendant.

Family Law in Southeast Michigan

The firm also handles numerous family court cases throughout Southeast Michigan, in Wayne, Oakland, Livingston and Macomb Counties. As experienced trial lawyers, we often face difficult and complicated divorce court issues and cases, which require strong litigation skills, in family law practice.

As experienced family court litigators, we have designed and implemented a Family Court case outline to facilitate case resolution, a process that offers parties a better chance to resolve litigation disputes as inexpensively as possible, because often the divorce process itself causes more problems than solutions. From an economic point of view, the ability to delineate areas where agreement does exist can be useful in providing for a focus on issues where the parties are having trouble reaching a solution. When all else fails, the Family Court lawyer must be capable of litigating the case.

Estate Planning

We should all take the time to consider the consequences to the family in the event of death or incapacity of a family member. Almost everyone must necessarily deal with nursing home care or hospitalization prior to death, and considerations in this regard are paramount.

Effective estate planning involves consideration of asset preservation, minimizing costs, and providing direction foe the ultimate disposition of the decedent's estate. It permits the appointment of guardians and trustees for minor children or grandchildren, and can provide peace of mind to the client because the distribution of the estate is certain.


We have helped thousands of Michigan clients secure positive results, and this is the measure by which a law firm should be judged.

Client Focus

You must understand your rights, your options, and the consequences or your decisions throughout the process of negotiation, trial and appeal. Attorney-client communication is crucial to ensure you do.

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To learn more about our practice and our law firm,  contact one of our three law offices. To make an appointment for a free consultation please call us at 760-929-8825.

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